Thursday, 5 April 2012


My first ever post(!) and what better way to christen my blog than with this...

On the 22nd March, Leigh, my friend and fellow art-lover, accompanied me on a day trip to London where we caught sight of the wonders Somerset House had to offer. Yes, it was that time of year again for 'Pick Me Up'! My first visit was last year and I can remember coming away feeling totally in awe of the work that was on display. This year that same feeling surfaced. I left Somerset House inspired and motivated to embark on my own projects and personal creations. 

I am naturally a hands on creative and paper art is an area I have taken an immediate interest in. Previous to Pick Me Up, I studied the works of Zim and Zou (first two photos), so to stand in the presence of their paper sculptures was an exciting time for me! A uni project I am working on at the moment is a self-initiated brief. My chosen aspect of design for this is paper art and the different ways paper can be manipulated. Ladybird books from my childhood (80's vintage) is my source of material however, I have come to realise how immoral it would be to cut up/deface such precious memories and treasured beauty. I am currently working my way around this slight hiccup!

So here is a selection of my favourite pieces that were showcased at Pick Me Up. You can view more in 'My Photos'. All photographs were taken with my hi-tech (really not) Samsung Wave camera phone - I am soon to purchase a DSLR camera within the next few weeks... 


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