Thursday, 5 April 2012


So, one of my best friends is getting hitched at the end of the year and it has been requested that 'yours truly' is Maid of Honour. Of course I promptly, not to mention gladly, accepted. The bride-to-be and I are currently on the hunt for her wedding dress which is very exciting, emotional (in a good way) and, well, a lot of fun really! Personally, I have never envisioned myself getting married. Maybe this is because I have remained single for so long, but even as a little girl growing up I had no desire of a fairytale wedding. I am slightly disheartened by this lack of emotion with regards to marriage but I have not completely ruled out my 'big day' and I shall tell you why...
Last summer, I stumbled upon the pictures of Kate Moss' wedding. Now, this was a few weeks after she got married, which I was aware had happened, i'd just never seen the photographic evidence. There she was, in her vintage-style cream dress and matching floor-length veil, designed by John Galliano. Beautiful - from the twinkling embellishments to the sheer material that ruffled at the hemline. As soon as I saw the dress my immediate reaction was 'that's what i'm going to get married in!' And finally, I felt that spark.

Somewhere inside of me there is a desire to get married after all (even if it is just for the dress).


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  1. I felt the same when I saw her dress, it definitely confirmed my need for a sleek little number rather than a Carrie Bradshaw poofy princess wedding dress (although that was absolutely beautiful too!). Her wedding photos also made me decide I want my groom to look as awesome as Jamie Hince did on their wedding day. Blue suit and sunglasses - yesssss! ♥